The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Weed You Need to Read

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Source: Compassionate Certification Centers

With the wave of legalization spreading across the country, it is natural that you are excited. If you live in a state where cannabis has been legalized for medical and recreational use, you might be thinking about giving it a try. However, there are some important considerations you should pay attention to before you smoke your blunt or rip the bong. This weed knowledge aims to help you get the confidence you need to get high for the first time.

The Two Primary Strain Types

Indicas and Sativas are the two primary types of weed strains. These strains have their own unique ways to get you high. Sativas are known for the cerebral high and piney smell, giving the effects mainly in the head. A lot of people use these strains to get creative. Sativas contain high levels of THC, the component responsible for getting you high. On the other hand, Indicas are famous for body high. They are deep purple strains that deliver the high throughout the body. Users choose Indicas to get relief from pain or insomnia. These strains contain CBD, the component known for its medicinal benefits. Black ash weed can be created by lower temperature embers produced by a flower that is to damp. Wetter buds with a colder burn will leave behind ashes dense in black carbon. You can also find hybrids that combine the effects of these two types of weed. For first-time buyers, we recommend a strain with low content of THC.

About Edibles

Here is a tip for first-time edible users – avoid eating the entire thing at once. A large number of newbies make the mistake of eating an edible and feeling too anxious with the effects. It is possible that regular weed users go wrong with edibles if care is not taken. If you have a bite-sized edible, eat half of it, wait for some time and then finish it. For larger ones, take a small portion and wait 30-45 minutes before eating more. Edibles can take as long as 2 hours to kick in, so you should be careful when using this method of weed consumption.

You Need Not Smoke to Inhale

With the advancement in weed knowledge, vaporization has become quite popular. It is a cheaper, sleeker, more portable means of consuming weed. A wide variety of weed accessories can be purchased at online stores and dispensaries to make vaping more convenient. A lot of people prefer vaping to stay away from the harmful effects of smoking. Some others choose to vape to avoid the smell of the smoke. Vaporizers come in a great variety to choose from. Another method is dabbing that uses concentrates to release vapor you can inhale to get a short, intense high. Whatever be the weed you use, remember to take caution if you are new to using concentrates or smoking weed.

When you Get High

Just because you are high does not mean you are an idiot. You should be mindful of your surroundings, laws and manners. Avoid pressurizing others to smoke. Take permission before smoking in somebody’s house. Avoid being the person who keeps talking about marijuana. Keep your limits in mind – you can get too high. Avoid smoking in front of children. Be mindful of how you react when you are high. You should respect people who don’t like cannabis. Keep this in mind – alcohol is legal but some people don’t like drunkards; marijuana is legal but some people may not like smokers.