Should You Use CBD Lube for Menopause? – Everything You Need To Know

CBD Lube
Source: Lioness

An inevitable part of every woman’s life, menopause may be easy for some while dreadful for others. However, there is not enough to support women when it comes to dealing with the symptoms. A lot is still to be learned about what exactly happens to a woman’s body during this period. They are often left to fate when the symptoms of the hormonal change attack. Many women don’t like the side effects associated with conventional medicine and look for natural ways to treat the symptoms of menopause. This is why cannabis or cannabidiol has become popular as a natural treatment. These compounds are used to deal with menstruation, menopause and sex as it has the potential to help with these problems.

How CBD Helps Menopause

Recently, cannabidiol has gained a lot of popularity among females for treating the symptoms experienced during and after menopause. Apart from anecdotal evidences, these properties of the substance are backed by scientific facts as well. This non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant is known to be useful for diabetes, anxiety, depression, mood swings, joint pains, aches, insomnia, osteoporosis, bladder issues and other conditions. During menopause, a woman’s estrogen levels undergo significant changes along with unpredictable levels of other hormones. This can lead to different problems many of which can be treated with this supplement. Menopause affects many functions in the body and impacts bones, brain and other parts. While each woman has unique experiences and symptoms, changing levels of the hormone affects the overall well-being where the compound can prove useful.

Are CBD Lubes Effective?

A number of symptoms demand attention during the period of menopause. However, genital syndrome is the one where cannabidiol can greatly help. In this condition, the woman experiences symptoms like vaginal irritation, dryness, burning and sex-related pain and lack of lubrication. When the body has the right levels of estrogen, the blood flow to the pelvic area is regulated and there is enough oxygen supply to the sexual and urinary tract regions. This becomes difficult during menopause and CBD lube helps by increasing the blood flow to the pelvic area. The vasorelaxation property of cannabidiol makes it great for acute as well as other symptoms. The supplement also helps relieve pain and inflammation in the vaginal area. The compound present in these products keeps the area moist and healthy while enhancing sensitivity. A lot of users report a relaxing sensation upon application. These products also prove to be useful for those who experience pain during intercourse.

CBD Lubes for Sex

Though not many experts know about lubes, it is generally known as a vasodilator that helps open up the blood vessels and lead to increased lubrication. Increasing the flow of blood to the genitals can definitely lead to enhanced sensation and arousal. Research in this area is not yet performed and it is not easy to say whether cannabidiol itself is a lubrication enhancer. Everything that is presently said about lubes is based on anecdotal reports. People report improved relaxation, better sexual experience, more intense orgasm and better sleep after intercourse. The anti-anxiety and relaxing properties of CBD can facilitate a woman to be more receptive to sex. As vaginas have a mucous membrane lining, they can absorb the substance when applied genitally and experience the benefits of the compound. Women who find it difficult to relax their genitals would find CBD lubes quite beneficial. Being a great muscle-reliever, cannabidiol can help the bladder, uterus and pelvic floor relax, leading to less painful sex and strong orgasm.

Using CBD Lubes

CBD lubes can be used safely by anybody but it is a good idea to talk to your doctor first. Though they are applied genitally, some compound gets absorbed into the bloodstream so you should check for its interaction with your medications. Secondly, not all products are created equal. Some of the low-quality ones can contain preservatives and chemicals that could harm the flora of your vagina and cause irritation. You should look for a product that contains natural ingredients and has no synthetic additives to ensure a safe experience. Start with a small dose of lube and wait for a few minutes before using more. It can take up to 30 seconds to feel a warming sensation caused by inflammation reduction and increased blood flow. You can reapply as required to get the desired effects.